The company’s Board has nine members who are elected from among the stakeholder group representing 58 institutions.  The Board is elected on a rational base during Annual General meeting.  The board is responsible for policy formulation.

The management comprises of the

  • General Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Commercial Manager

The management oversees the daily operations and implementation of Board’s policies.

The General Manager is the head of the management and is also an ex-official member of the board of Directors.

Then Technical Manager is the Head of the Technical Department in the Organization which has four sections in its Organo structure as shown below.

a) Water Quality
b) Operation and Maintenance
c) Non-Revenue Water

The Commercial Manager is the Head of the Commercial Department which has three sections namely:

a) Accounts
b) Information Communication Technology (ICT)
c) Procurement

Other sections that are directly under the supervision of the General Manager are:

  • Human Resource
  • Customer Care/Public Relations
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

The Internal Audit section is answerable to the Board of Directors but administratively under the General Manager.