Coverage Area

(a) Mathioya Water Supply

The scheme covers Njumbi and Gitugi divisions in Mathioya Sub County, Rwathia and Kihoya locations in Kangema Sub County. It has its intake and partial treatment works at Mioro in Njumbi Division.

The scheme was designed to have two systems of water conveyance

    • Pumping
    • Gravity

Pumping System

The pumping system which is no longer operational was meant to serve:-

    • Njumbi division- Kiamuturi, Kagongo and Mioro in Mathioya SubCounty
    • Rwathia and Kihoya locations – Wanjerere and Nyagatugu and parts of Tuthu in Kangema Sub-County

Areas not Served – Kiamuturi, Mioro, kagongo, Nyagatugu, Wanjerere and Tuthu

Gravity System

The system serves

    • Rwathia and Kihoya Location in Kangema – Kihoya, Kiawambogo, Rwathia and Kenya-Njeru
    • Njumbi Division – Gacharage-ini, Gatunguru, Gikoe and Nyakianga
    • Gitugi Division – Mihuti, Karung’e, Ngutu, Kanjahi, Gitugi, Kambara Nyangiti,Chui and Yakarengo

Water rationing schedule

  • Njumbi -daily
  • Kihoya  -daily
  • Upper Gitugi (Ngutu, Kanjahi) – daily
  • Lower Gitugi – Wednesday – Sunday
  • Rwathia and Kiawambogo –daily
  • Kenya Njeru – daily
  • Mihuti and Karunge – Monday – daily
  • Nyangiti – Monday – Friday
  • Kambara – Friday
  • Kanooro – Wednesday
  • Runyeki – Monday and Tuesday

       Areas not Served  – Parts of Yakarengo and Ruiru

(b) Gatango Water Supply

The scheme was commissioned in 1972. The level of service initially was through communal water points. The scheme used to serve up to and including Kiambugi secondary school in Gathuki-ini (Kiharu Sub County) 15km from Kiria-ini market. It further served Iruri, Thuita, Kora and Warugara in Mathioya Sub County.

Later customers opted for individual connections thus altering the water demand.

The scheme borders Othaya and Mukurwe-ini Sub Countys on the northern side and North Mathioya River on the southern side.

Water rationing schedule

  • Kairo – daily
  • Upper Kiambuthia – daily
  • Lower Kiambuthia – Monday – Friday
  • Kanjama – Monday – Friday
  • Upper Kamacharia – Monday – Wednesday
  • Lower Kamacharia – Thursday and Friday
  • Town – daily

Areas not Served – Thuita, Gakurwe and Kiambugi