Tenders for year 2021-2022

Tenders For The Year 2021-2022

Tender notice for financial year 2021-2022

1. Supply and Delivery of uPVC pipes and fittings

2. Supply and Delivery of GI pipes and fittings

3. Supply and delivery of cold water meters

4. Supply and delivery of office stationery and printing services

5. Supply and delivery of water treatment chemicals & laboratory reagents

6. Supply and Delivery of water supply operation and maintenance tools

7. Supply and delivey of staff uniform, protective clothing and riding gears

8. Supply and delivery of office equipment and accessories

9. Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and Batteries for motor vehicles & motorcycles

10. Supply and Delivery of HDPE pipes and fittings

11. Provision of motor vehicle repair and maintenance

12. Provision of motorcycle repair and maintenance

13. Provision of repair and maintenance for office equipment and accessories

14. Prequalification of supply & delivery of assorted Building Materials

15. Provision of insurance services

16. Prequalification of supply of hardware goods